Pieris Pharma: is it worth going to NASDAQ for only €31 Million?

11/06/2015 - 2 minutes

Pieris Pharmaceutical is planning to raise €31M in an surprisingly low US IPO. The company seeks to advance its early-stage pipeline with a special focus on its anemia treatment, Pieris’s most advanced candidate which recently completed the enrollment of its Phase I.

Pieris’ pipeline might be premature, but it is ambitious. The company’s focus includes anemia, asthma and immuno-oncology assets developed thanks to its proprietary Anticalin technology. Anticalin-branded proteins are engineered lipocalins, low-weight human proteins typically found in blood plasma and other body fluids. The company benefits from the proteins’ natural ability to bind and transport a wide spectrum of molecules. A promising approach thanks to the small size of the molecules, their stable structure and their human origin.

Pieris will now need to convince the Nasdaq speculators that its premature results worth their money. The German company has already a short trade record on the OTCQB stock market, where it has a market capitalization of €80M. The company can also claim to have the trust of some big pharma players as Sanofi or Daiichi Sankyo.

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