SynBio Startup moves to Toulouse to scale up its Bacterial Ink Production

20/07/2016 - 2 minutes

Pili is leaving its bio-hacking nest in Paris for the industrial facilities of TWB, Toulouse’s preindustrial demonstrator for industrial Biotech. It will be able to develop pilot-scale production of its first dye – blue…

pili la paillase twb toulouse white biotechnologyPili is one of the examples of Biotech innovation coming out of biohacking spaces. The start-up started at La Paillasse (Paris) and went on to become a graduate of IndieBio‘s synbio incubator program. Its founder (Thomas Ladrain) was also present at Labiotech Refresh to add his insight to the SynBio panel.

After the initial development of a process to make ink out of microorganisms, Pili is now giving an important step towards commercialization. It’s moving to the facilities of Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB),  an institution managed by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

In this way, Pili will be able to develop the pilot scale of its dye manufacturing, using a 300 L bioreactor. Scale-up is a challenging step for industrial Biotechs and Landrain commented that moving to the pre-industrial stage was feasible only in association with specialised partners.

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