PlugMed has Just Won €2M Funding to Develop an Innovative Device against Kidney Failure

02/05/2015 - 2 minutes

PlugMed has been awarded €2 million of funding, as part of the World Innovation Challenge organized by the French Ministry of Industry. It will enable the company to speed up the Geroneph project that aims at developing an innovative device in the treatment of kidney failure.

Nowadays, dialysis is used by more than two million people around the world suffering from kidney failure. Population ageing leads to an increase in dialysis catheter uses, which carry a high infection risk for the patient. PlugMed’s device provides an innovative solution to treat dialysed patients, whilst reducing infection risks at the same time. The company designs, develops and manufactures devices that transfer electricity or fluids through the skin generating a lower infection risk. 

In this Geroneph project, PlugMed has been working with nephrologists and surgeons to develop osseointegrated dialysis connectors. The technology can transfer dialysate (peritoneal dialysis) or blood (hemodialysis) with a low risk of infection and will offer unrivalled quality of life for patients.

Dr Pierre Sabin,

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