A New Vaccine Against Pneumonia and Meningitis Reaches Human Trials..

10/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Pneumonia, Meningitis and Sepsis: All these potentially fatal infections could one day be vaccinated against with Cambridge’s ImmBio and their Pneumococcal vaccine, which has now started safety & tolerability trials in the UK.

immbio_vaccine_pneumoniaImmBio is based at the Babraham Institute, a unit of the UK’s Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council  (and in our Listed on our Top 10 EU Bioincubators Ranking) in Cambridge (UK). It was founded based on advances in understanding of the immune system, with two distinct technology platforms, ImmBioVax and ImmunoBodies.

Pneumococcal pathogens can be commonly carried in the nasal passages of the general population, and when exposed to vulnerable individuals such as young children and elderly can easily lead to active infection. If untreated,  such infection can lead to complications with potentially serious outcomes, including meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia, and death in 14% of cases.

ImmBioVax, mimics normal immune responses to a pathogen through use of multi-protein complexes to stimulate an alert response immune system,

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