The Polemic of First Intelligent Artificial Heart

24/09/2014 - 4 minutes

The first intelligent artificial heart has been twice implanted in France within clinical trials. It has been developed by French company Carmat, and famous cardiologist Alain Carpentier, after 20 years of development. This important breakthrough nevertheless create a polemic. Artificial hearts already existed and voice talks about an artificial financial bubble around Carmat. On September 11th, main French television channel France 2 released a documentary film attacking Carmat. The public stock lost 7% on the next day, 12% until now and Carmat tries now to stock the polemic.

Carmat artificial heart

This heart has been developed during 20 years in collaboration with engineer from EADS (Airbus manufacturer). It is the first heart using biological tissues and which is intelligent with blood pressure mesure to adapt the rhythm to the body’s needs. Costing approximatively €150 000, it is a technological marvel. It has been partially financed by Philippe Pouletty, great French Biotech entrepreneur, through his Venture Capital found Truffle Capital. Since its founding,

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