Polish Bioinformatics company backs US movement into Microbiome Research

18/05/2016 - 2 minutes

In Kraków, the Bioinformatics company Ardigen has now partnered up with a US based Microbiome startup, EpiBiome, which is looking for the answer to antibiotic resistance.

ardigen_microbiome_epibiome_obama_microbiome_bioinformatics_biotech This is another example of cross-Atlantic collaboration in the Microbiome world, just as President Obama pledges €105M ($121M) to the up and coming field of therapeutics.

It’s a growing area of research, and as we spoke to Isabelle de Cremoux (founder of the biggest Microbiome fund in the World) last week, the past 12 months have seen a crazy surge in investment, research focus and new initiatives being founded on the Human Microbiome.

Ardigen is one such bioinformatics company to join this movement, based on combination of bio-data science and complementary advanced software support. Their services also include Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and analytical tools for research.

On the other hand, EpiBiome, is a precision microbiome engineering company based in California.


EpiBiome’s mission is to develop effective and sustainable FDA-approved therapies to combat infectious disease in humans and in agriculture without the use of antibiotics.

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