Belgian Promethera received approval to start World first Phase IIb/III stem-cell based urea cycle disorders treatment

25/10/2014 - 1 minute

Promethera is a promising Belgian Biotechnology company developing stem-cell based treatment against liver diseases. It was created in 2009, counts 44 employees and has raised €39M. The company now moves to another level by starting its own Phase IIb/III to treat paediatric patients with urea cycle disorders. It is the first company in the World to try to cure this type of disease with stem cells.

This disease affects the transfer of nitrogen into urea. Prometha plans to treat the disease thanks to special stem cells. These cells are called Heterologous Human Adult Liver Progenitor Cells (HHALPC). They are obtained after isolating normal human liver cells, which are plated and cultured to obtain these progenitor stem cells. Once injected, they can differentiate in functional liver cells and treat several diseases. The company is also completing a second clinical trial (HEP001) in Phase I/II in 5 different countries to treat 20 patients suffering from another Urea Cycle Disorder.


Belgium and especially Louvain seems to be a great environment for Stem-cell based Biotech Company.

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