Qiagen, the new giant in next-gen sequencing tools?

17/01/2015 - 2 minutes

Yet again, a new acquisition in this beginning of 2015. Enzymatics, the Boston-area based Biotech company and leading provider of enzymes for Next-gen sequencing, has been acquired by Qiagen for a non-disclosed amount. The amount must be pretty high since Enzymatics’ enzymes are used in 80% of all NGS reactions and the company counts over 150 employees.

Enzymatic is the 3rd Boston-based company, featured in LaBiotech Tour Boston, and just brought major news on the table this week (after Moderna and Foundation Medicine). I visited the company, which is based in Beverly 30-minutes north of Boston by train. I discovered a great company, co-founded by the genetics rock-star George Church (also in the documentary here) who also contributed massively to the price decrease in NGS. I let Ian Ratcliffe, former CEO and Board Chairman present you the company:

The addition of this Enzymatics franchise adds a deep portfolio of capabilities to QIAGEN‘s strategy to offer a complete NGS workflow from biological samples to valuable molecular insights as well as to strengthen its broad and rapidly growing portfolio of “universal”

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