Qiagen vs. Illumina, the next Big Fight in Next-gen Sequencing

30/06/2015 - 4 minutes

Next-gen sequencing is a revolution. San Diego-based Illumina owns most of the market but German giant Qiagen is prepared to disrupt this fact by stepping in massively by the end of the year. The fight has only begun.

Imagine you could sequence your genome to discover the disease you may have in the future.

What if I told you, that this is now becoming a reality thanks to the the next-gen sequencing revolution. The first human genome has been sequenced thanks to the Human Genome Project for a total cost of 100 million dollars. Now, sequencing an entire genome costs a mere 1,000$, as the graph bellow perfectly illustrates.

This opens plenty of new possibilities. Times have indeed changed… Back in the day, sequencing may have been a rarely used academic method or only reserved to rich people desiring a personalized diagnostic, yet this era is now outdated. The technique has become a standardized method to detect genetic diseases or to better understand cancers.

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