Brain Cancer Biomarker is a Magnet for Public Money in Germany

17/02/2016 - 3 minutes

Apogenix (Germany) has been granted €3M for a personalized medicine to treat glioblastoma. It will also use this funding to develop a companion diagnostic test using a specific cancer biomarker, which other German biotechs are also attempting to do…

apogenix_glioblastoma_cancermark_germany_fundThis Heidelberg based-biotech (which we visited on our Labiotech tour of South Germany) is focused on the development of protein Immuno-Oncology therapeutics to treat malignancies, such as glioblastoma, a type of rare brain cancer.

The CancerMark project was initiated in February 2016 by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. With a funding period of three years, the goal of the CancerMark project is to confirm the efficacy of Apogenix’s immuno-oncology candidate (APG101).

In an addition, the clinical trial hopes to validate a companion diagnostic test to analyze the biomarker associated with the CD95 ligand, a cell death mediator implicated in cancer.

This is because it was found that the Glioblastoma patients which expressed a certain biomarker associated with the CD95 ligand experienced the greatest benefit from treatment with APG101.

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