Recycling can be Delicious! Austrian BioArt Designers transform Plastic Waste into Edible Mushrooms

12/03/2016 - 3 minutes

You read that right. Austrian designers Katharina Unger and Julia Kaisinger have developed a device that turns polymer waste into edible mushrooms in collaboration with researchers from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Dinner is served!

Take a few seconds to have a look around and count how many items near you have plastic components. From your laptop to the chair you are on or the frame of the window in from of you, …

Plastic makes the world go round. It’s cheap, it’s malleable, it’s versatile and it only has a tiny con: it’s terrible to naturally break down. Many approaches have tried to address this major concern, but none of those lines of attack look as tasty as this approach!

Foams and liquid nitrogen trends in cuisine have faded away. It is time for these démodé elements to make way for THE new ingredient: plastic! Directly to your plate, we present you the Fungi Mutarium which ‘grows food on toxic waste‘.

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