Relive BIO 2014, the World’s Biggest Biotech Convention

15/07/2014 - 5 minutes

Relive BIO 2014 exhibition was held from the June 23rd to June 26th in San Diego, California and I was lucky to go there. 15667 other people, including 2,500 CEOs from more than 50 different countries came too. Why this event fascinates? Why major biotech actors in the world are meeting there every year? I will try to answer these questions by making you relive the event.

Let’s start with San Diego, the city in Southern California close to the Mexican border is a dream location for most of the planet. Its climate is the same throughout the year, 25°C and it is sunny (almost) every day. Arriving in San Diego can be summed up like this:

San Diego Ocean Beach


But fortunately, San Diego is not limited to the climate. The city is charming, human-sized, has excellent schools/universities and a highly developed industry, especially in biotech (second Biocluster in the US). The city also has one of the largest “convention center” of the United States with a capacity of 50,000 people.

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