Review: The Future of Biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology

31/08/2015 - 5 minutes

Immuno-oncology is a Biotech field that is more than just hype – it could solve one of humanity’s biggest health challenges: Cancer.


In order to bring more effective treatments with fewer side-effects, Biomarkers will play a key role. I wanted to get an expert view on the subject, so I called Bernhard Sixt, CEO of the French Biotech ImmunID, to get a better perspective on this fresh and promising field.

You have 300 billion Lymphotcyes in your body, why wouldn’t you use the power of all of them instead of designing one single drug?!”

That’s basically what Immuno-Oncology is about. Tumor cells are able to block the immune system. The goal of this new generation of drugs is to therefore re-educate your immune system to overcome cancer, and this means targeting specific mechanisms/immune checkpoints of anti-tumor immune response.

Three Immuno-oncology monoclonal antibodies are already on the market (two from BMS, one from Merck & Co.). HOwever, many novel mAbs are in development,

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