Ablynx’ Best-In-Class Antibody might not be that ‘Compelling’ to Abbvie

09/08/2016 - 3 minutes

Ablynx has disclosed ‘compelling’ results for its Phase IIb trial in rheumatoid arthritis. But it might have a hard time compelling AbbVie to pay €68M to continue the candidate’s development, as the grass is not as green as it seems…

ablynx abbvie rheumatoid arthritis nanobodyAblynx‘s impressive list of big Pharma collaborations could soon need an update, as its $840 partnership with AbbVie has now reached a significant milestone. The collaboration focuses on vobarilizumab, a therapy for inflammatory disease that has big shoes to fill – AbbVie’s Humira, the best-selling biologic of all time.

With Humira’s biosimilar competition lining up, AbbVie has poured money into potential successors. One was Galapagos’ filgotinib, which was famously dropped by AbbVie and picked up by Gilead. To take a go at another target of inflammatory disease (the interleukin-6 receptor), AbbVie picked Ablynx’s small llama-based antibodies.

Now, Ablynx has announced results for the vobarilizumab’s last Phase IIb trial,

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