Roche signs a €900M deal with an Immunotherapy Biotech in Boston

18/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Roche (Switzerland) has picked 5 candidates from Blueprint Medicines (US) to complement its leading oncology pipeline.

roche_blueprint_medicines_immunoRoche is a leader in cancer therapies, but its position is threatened by intense competition, not to mention its stakes in the biosimilar war and some bad results from advanced trials.

However, it seems that this Big Pharma still has more than enough money to invest in upcoming research (such as MIT’s cell squeezer), and lately it has been redirecting its efforts towards immuno-oncology.

All in all, these are happy circumstances for Boston-based Blueprint Medicines, which will receive €40M ($45M) upfront to collaborate on the development of 5 of its preclinical candidates.

Depending on how these small molecule therapies perform in trials, Blueprint could be aiming at over €850M ($965M) in milestones and licenses. A true billion dollar deal.

So, what did catch Roche’s eyes (and wallet)?

This Biotech uses the genetic ‘blueprint’

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