€1.37Bn Deal for Sanofi with Germany’s Fastest Growing mRNA Cancer Biotech

04/11/2015 - 3 minutes

Sanofi is now the latest Biotech lining up to partner with BioNTech from Mainz (Germany), for license of their mRNA Immuno-oncology platform in a€1.37Bn long-term development deal.

215007LOGONovel mRNA targets in Immuno-onology is a top-shelf cancer R&D area, with Germany’s CureVac also attracting another €100M yesterday for their mRNA platform (which targets lung and prostate cancers as well as viruses) from major investors like the Gates Foundation and Baillie Gifford (from Scotland).

Sanofi will now use BioNTech’s mRNA platform to license 5 pre-clinical immunotherapy candidates for therapeutic development. However, BioNTech’s expertise expands beyond just mRNA disruptive therapies, with other areas exploring Chimeric antigen receptors (CAR-T) and T-cell receptor inhibitors (which they have already partnered on with Eli-Lilly) and general checkpoint inhibition using its UniCell Platform (more details here).

Another major collaborator includes Danish Genmab, which will work on developing novel bi-specific immunotherapies with BioNTech, as announced in May this year.

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