Sanofi to solve Growing Resistance against Malarial Treatments

10/07/2015 - 3 minutes

Sanofi extended its collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) to jointly develop a new combination therapy against malaria, the deadliest parasitic disease worldwide. The difficult access and the fear of a growing resistance to the existing treatments highlight the importance of this partnership.

Atemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT) are at this moment the most efficient and tolerable antimalarial treatment. However, the increasing resistance to ACT that has developed over the years in Southeast Asia is raising all sorts of concerns. This trend could spread to Africa, where about 90% of the estimated 584,000 annual deaths occur from malaria. This scary horizon is pushing companies to rush for a malaria-treatment hunt.

Sanofi was the first to master the complex process to produce semisynthetic artemisinin in 2013, pushing the treatment to a new dimension. Now, the French company needs to search for alternative ways. The collaboration with MMV started in 2011. Today, both are proud to introduce two potential treatments, OZ439/Piperaquine and OZ439/Ferroquine, as alternatives to ACT solutions. Both candidates are single,

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