Sanofi’s Extreme Makeover gives prominence to Genzyme

16/07/2015 - 2 minutes

There seems to be a tendency towards revolution amongst Sanofi’s CEOs. Olivier Brandicourt, Managing director of the French drugmaker since his €4.1M golden handshake with the company, has come up with a restructuration plan that will reduce Sanofi’s business units from seven to five. The French businessman expects this reorganization will help the company to focus and to generate growth. The reform gives prominence to Genzyme, which will have new responsibilities in a few crucial areas such as immune-oncology.

Olivier Brandicourt didn’t ink a golden sign up for Sanofi to stand around twiddling his thumbs. The French businessman is determined to adapt the big Biotech to his own image and likeness with a new structure that aims at simplifying the organization to drive growth. As of 2016, Sanofi will be divided in five business units: General medicines & Emerging markets, Specialty Care, Diabetes & Cardiovascular, Sanofi Pasteur for vaccines, and Merial for animal health.

The restructuration, at least the French drugmaker hopes, will maintain Sanofi’s promise of launching 6 new drugs within the current year,

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