Sanofi and its Succesful Pivot from Chemistry to Biotechnology [BIO-Spring 2015]

12/03/2015 - 4 minutes

Sanofi is France’s largest pharma company and the 3rd biggest in the World. The VIP guest of BIO-Europe Spring was Serge Weinberg, Chairman and temporary CEO of Sanofi. You might have been expecting a boring corporate conference with a strong Frenchy-accent English but actually, the talk was extremely clear and interesting. Weinberg went through Sanofi’s innovation strategy as well as its pivot from Chemistry to Biotech.

Today, Sanofi counts 110 000 employees spread all over the world. A slow giant with many political/organizational/historical difficulties. Sanofi early on understand the importance of innovation in the Biotech/Pharma industry, especially in the field of Biotechnology and in the way innovation occurs today. No company can do everything on its own anymore, because diseases and treatments become more and more complex and multi competencies. Big companies have to open up their research and start collaborating with the external World.

More or less 5 years ago, Sanofi started this shift by focusing on partnerships and on biologicals instead of chemicals. These new drugs, which can be hormones,

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