Scottish Biopharma begins Cell Therapy trials for Late-Stage Cancer

25/04/2016 - 2 minutes

TC BioPharm has began recruitment to a phase II/III trial with its lead candidate (ImmuniCell), a T-cell therapy now targeting skin, lung and kidney cancer.

Based in Scotland, TC BioPharm is developing cell-based therapies for cancer and severe viral infection.

These therapies are based on γδ T-cells, which can recognise and target specific structures on the cell surface – specifically cancer cells or cells infected with virus.

TC BioPharm takes the biological function of γδ T-cells into therapies with ImmuniCell, which uses patients’ own cells grown in culture to target a wide variety of different cancers.

Now, the safety and efficacy of ImmuniCell will be evaluated in a phase II/III trial. It will enrol 60 patients with late-stage maligant melanoma (skin cancer), non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and renal cell cancer (kidney cancer).

The treatment with ImmuniCell consists on first isolating peripheral blood mononuclear cells, a medical procedure that collects different types of cells of the immune system –

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