Polish Selvita’s Inflammation Research used to start new Biotech in Scotland

29/07/2016 - 3 minutes

The new Biotech Nodthera will be based in Edinburgh and focus on the discovery and development of novel small molecule candidates to treat inflammation in a range of autoimmune diseases. Founded by Epidarex Capital, it will work alongside Selvita (Poland) in a series of deals worth up to €6.35M.

Selvita nodthera biotech inflammasome The technology behind Nodthera’s focus is built on work conducted by the Polish drug-discovery company, Selvita, which is headquartered in Kraków. Starting out as a CRO, Selvita now operates on a hybrid-model, also working on in-house programs.

On the other hand, Epidarex Capital is an early-stage investor which launched Nodthera on the basis of Selvita’s technology. Now Nodthera has signed 3 deals with Selvita for the commercialisation of its SEL212 program, which was originally launched with $1.1M non-dilutive funding from the EU to get to an IND stage.

The first deal was for the sale of the SEL212A program to Nodthera for around €600K (£0.5M),

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