“The Microbiome will be as big as Biotech in 10 Years”

21/06/2016 - 4 minutes

Isabelle de Cremoux, the CEO of Seventure Partners, was at Labiotech Refresh to tell us when and how she fell in love with the microbiome and what the future holds for this exciting field.

De Cremoux is the person behind Seventure, one of the top European VCs and the first in the world to focus mainly on the microbiome – raising a whopping €160M fund to do so.

Listening to her fireside chat was a great opportunity to get an insider perspective about the microbiome hype, as well as enjoy her great sense of (French) humor.

What sparked her interest in the microbiome?

“The story begins before the microbiome was named microbiome”, she explains. While managing the life sciences department of Seventure, her team was looking for something disruptive.

The answer? Food. Not only is food one of the cheapest industries out there, it is linked to chronic and metabolic diseases, which have completely dominated over infectious diseases.

We eat about 2 kgs of food everyday.

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