‘Living’ Therapeutics in Boston attract major French Microbiome Money

06/06/2016 - 3 minutes

Health for Life Capital, managed by Seventure Partners, has invested $8M (€7.15M) as part of a $50M financing round completed by Boston-based Vedanta Biosciences. This seems to be a great match between one of the most influential Microbiome investors and one of the most successful Microbiome biotechs.

microbiome_biological_biotech_seventure_finance_health_capital_vedanta_pharmaThe basis for the financing is a live-bioproduct from Vedanta, which is what makes this news particularly exciting, as it’s one of the first of its kind within the Microbiome field.

Managed by Isabelle de Cremoux, the CEO of Seventure Partners flew out to Boston to sign the deal directly after our first conference Labiotech Refresh. We interviewed Isabelle shortly before the event too, on how the World’s First Microbiome Fund was doing.

Vedanta is famous for its approach to live-therapeutics relating to microbiome dysregulation and disease, but is also particularly well known for the impressive team which run it. Founded by PureTech Health,

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