A Smart Collaboration to Diagnostic and Fight Cancer

16/10/2014 - 3 minutes

New Oncology announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Paris. 

Under this agreement, New Oncology (Cologne-based German Biotech company) will perform comprehensive parallel multigene testing to identify therapeutically relevant alterations in cancer-related genes. New Oncology will apply its proprietary diagnostic platform ‘NEO’, which allows rapid sample processing compatible with both daily clinical routine and standard sample material.

The diagnostic test empowers physicians to select the optimal targeted therapy for their patients. NEOplus is a genetic test which detects actionable genetic alterations. The advantage is that all therapy-relevant alterations, i.e. mutations, amplifications, insertions/deletions, and translocations are detected from one single patient sample.

Moreover, the medical report suggests suitable targeted therapies and an individualized recommendation for treatment if genetic alterations are identified. The report also provides information on relevant clinical trials.

NEO workflow

New Oncology is the molecular diagnostics division of Blackfield AG, a company specializing in cancer genome analysis. It collaborates with pharmaceuticals and genomic companies.

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