Sony DADC re-purposing Blu-Ray Technology for Clinical Immunoassays

06/10/2015 - 2 minutes

Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation (Sony DADC) BioSciences is a DVD and Blu-ray disc manufacturer headquartered in Salzburg (Austria). A new collaboration with FIONASTICS (an immunoassay specialist) means they will use their Blu-Ray tech to develop a new nanostructure platform for fluorescent immunoassays. These will be developed for use in detection of clinical biomarkers for Osteoporosis, with plans to also use it for Alzheimer’s later on.

Fionastics Well, despite the launch of Blu-ray discs to replace DVDs, Media producers have long been resigned to the slow-death of disc-sales in place of the streaming giants such as Netflix. However, thanks to Sony DADC it is possible that their Blu-ray tech will have a new lease of life in the Biotech field, by being re-purporsed for use in disease detection immunoassays.

Through debuts at the Basel Science Week 2015 (Switzerland) and conferences held in Salzburg and Vienna (Austria), Sony DADC BioSciences have demonstrated how their Blu-ray tech manufacturing process can be instead used to merge a rapid fluorescence immunoassay technique with a new polymer in metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF).

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