Squeezing Cells: A Revolutionary Cancer Drug Delivery Platform for €455M?

09/12/2015 - 3 minutes

The MIT spin-off SQZ Biotech has an invention (Cell SQueeZe) which could make vector drug delivery in Cancer a thing of the past… Roche thinks so too, and has now acquired this small biotech for €455M upfront.

sqz_roche_cell_therapy_acquisitionMIT Professors Klavs Jensen, Robert Langer and PhD Student Armon Sharei were focused on developing a more effective system for delivering materials directly into the cell cytosol (internal cell matter) – a significant challenge in many research and therapeutic applications.

Their team’s work, supported by the US NIH and Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, led to the development of the CellSqueeze platform. Thus, SQZ Biotech was founded, through which the team aims to continue to explore and develop the potential of this promising technology.


The CellSqueeze Platform is a novel method of drug delivery (as well as other small molecules) into cells which doesn’t require a vector (e.g. liposomes, viruses).

It was proven to be far superior to traditional cell penetrating technology techniques such as electroportion or transmembrane proteins (by 10-100 times) and also is significantly less toxic to non-target cells,

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