Startups receive €25K investment as part of Merck’s brand new Accelerator Program

03/09/2015 - 4 minutes

Merck – the German healthcare company has announced the 3 start-ups it plans to adopt into its in-house accelerator program. Two of the participants focus on e-health, while the third, Sulfotools, has developed a cleaner and cheaper method of solid-phase protein synthesis (SPPS).


Merck has awarded these start-ups with a €25K investment as a ‘silent’ investor as well as place on a 3-month in-house course at the Innovation centre in Darmstadt. There they will be able to network extensively within the Merck group and make use of their combined expertise. Some of Merck’s senior managers will also advise and coach them through the financial, legal and business modeling side of running a successful start-up. Here we look at the participants in more depth, particularly the biotech of interest, Sulfotools.

Sulfotools  – A Biotech start-up hailing from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.

Solid-phase protein synthesis (SPPS) is a method of method of producing synthetic peptides en masse. Developed by Robert Bruce Merrifield, for which he won the 1984 Nobel Prize in Chemistry,

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