Swedish Startup close to the North Pole signs 100 million deal with AstraZeneca

11/04/2016 - 3 minutes

Lipigon Pharmaceuticals will now count with AstraZeneca to push the development of its Lipoprotein Lipase strategies. This could produce novel drugs to tackle metabolic and cardiovascular disease, still the leading cause of death worldwide.

lipigon_astrazeneca_cardiovascular_drug_lplLipigon is a spinout of Umeå University, developing new drugs based on research of lipid metabolism. Umeå may have one of the most remote universities in Europe (way up in the North of Sweden), but its research is far from frozen – it was one of the birthplaces of CRISPR.

Lipigon has now entered a collaboration with AstraZeneca to identify drug candidates that promote the stabilization of a particular enzyme, Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL), which is key in lipid metabolism.

AstraZeneca will be responsible for clinical development, as well as have worldwide commercialization rights to any of the drugs. Lipigon could receive up to €96M ($110M) in future milestone payments.

The drugs will target lipid disorders and cardiovascular diseases – which are the leading global cause of death,

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