A Sweet idea from Napoli; An Italian start-up will renovate the Artificial Sweetener market

12/10/2015 - 3 minutes

Monellin chain B is an artificial sweetener initially mistaken for a carbohydrate. It has since been established to actually be a natural protein based sweetner which is fairly unstable. iSweetch from the University of Naples has used E. Coli to engineer a more stable version of the protein to revolutionize the artificial sweetner industry.

Picture5Monellin is a revolutionary protein-based artificial sweetener (yes, a protein!) with very promising results; in fact 1 gram corresponds to the same sweetness provided by 3 kg of common sugar. The idea comes from a new born start-up iSweetch from the University of Naples. Their Monellin product was presented at the BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa San Paolo of Milan Startup Initiative, an event organized with the aim of promoting relevant biotech Italian start-ups.

Monellin is a proteinaceous derivative of the tropical plant Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii (the Serendipity Berry) from the lush region spanning from Sierra Leone to Eritrea (Africa).

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