Swiss-US Implant could make taking pills obsolete in Autoimmune Diseases

06/06/2016 - 2 minutes

Numab and Intarcia have achieved key milestones in the development of therapeutic antibody fragments. This collaboration could span the next generation of implantable drug delivery tech for diabetes, obesity and autoimmune diseases.

numab_intarcia_diabetes_obesity_autoimmuneBased in Wädenswill (near Zurich), Numab is developing antibody-based therapeutics. With its ultra-high throughput technology, it can find rare molecules with big therapeutic potential that are not detected through other methods.

Numab then engineers these antibody’s variable domain (the part of the antibody with binds to antigen) to make it more stable and then uses it as a building block in the assembly of multi-specific antibodies.

These fragment-based antibodies are the base of a deal with Intarcia (US), which is developing a different drug delivery method – a matchstick-sized implant that continually deliver a drug under the skin (see a cool video of how it works here).

Intarcia’s formulation for type 2 diabetes (ITCA 650) has already hooked €1Bn and had a successful Phase III – 

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