Synthetic Biology Breakthrough in Production of Natural Carotenoids

09/02/2016 - 3 minutes

The SynBio Biotech, Deinove (France), is hoping to break into the Carotenoid market for food, cosmetics and animal feed. Now, with their Deinococcus platform they have made several major advancements in their endeavours.

deinove_carotenoid_synbioDeinove also partnered with the Canadian company POS Bio-Sciences last year to try and kickstart the long-term project.

Carotenoids are part of the isoprenoid family, which is the main area of research in the Deinochem division of Deinove, supported by the Investments for the Future program. 

Deinococcus bacteria naturally produce these carotenoids, which have a high-added value (as precursors to vitamin A and as antioxidants). Today, the molecules are sold in a wide range of Industrial sectors and it is estimated that the market will reach €1.6Bn by 2019.

About 75% of existing production consists of petroleum derivatives; the rest is produced by plant extraction (such as in algae or Tomatoes) –

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