The 9 EU-based Billion-Euro Biotechs you Should (really) Know

15/09/2015 - 6 minutes

Update 22/10/2015: I added Galapagos from Belgium and Basilea from Switzerland, they deserved it …

Talking about billon-dollar companies in the US is such a hype. Even the Wall street journal has its own start-up club (which btw is stunning). By looking at it, I wondered which European Biotechs were worth over €1Bn in Europe. Not so many actually, but here is my now top 9 with data from our map and my personal comment for each.

N°1: Cellectis – the French CAR-T miracle

Market cap: €1.03Bn

Founded: 1999

City: Paris, France

Mission: Cellectis develops innovative cancer products based on engineered T cells armed with a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) to target liquid and solid tumor.

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Comment: Great entrepreneurial success-story that almost died two years ago. It was saved by Servier, and is now one of the leaders of the CAR-T field. Even more, it’s actually the only major CAR-T player which tries to industrialize its therapy by being able to give engineered lymphocytes to any patient instead of taking the patient’s own cells.

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