What the FUGT? We tried the Algae Bar Beer for the TransArt Fest in Copenhagen!

10/11/2015 - 4 minutes

We went to the TransArt Festival at the stunning ‘Dome of Visions‘ in Copenhagen on Friday. There, we met loads of scientists and members of the public who were just as entranced as us by the home-grown BioArt.

DoV-banner-After our blogger Julie covered the Fab Foundation’s ‘Biohacking’ movement last Monday, I was really intrigued by the idea of community projects involving Biotech. How exactly does one conduct DIY biotechnology experiments to create art pieces…that actually look good? Because let’s be honest – Biotech is rarely described as beautiful…

In particular, I was taken by the idea of the ‘Algae Bar‘ by the Fugt team – especially seeing as we’ve written so much about Algae and its crazy applications recentlydome_of_visions_dani_bancroft_copenhagen

So, Will and I left the office early on Friday to fly out to Denmark. It was a misty evening across the Danish capital, with fog rolling up off the roads…and naturally we were a little apprehensive by the description (particularly given all the Danish).

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