The European Union Finances the Future of CAR-T Manufacturing

08/02/2016 - 3 minutes

CAR-T is the way forward in Cancer therapeutics, which is one of the leading causes of Mortality in the Western world. Now this European consortium has amassed €6M for a more unified approach to CAR-T under a European Union Commission program.

european_commission_carat_car-t_cancer_fundIn response to this major health issue Miltenyi Biotec (Germany) coordinates the new EU-funded project CARAT taking on the mission to deliver new methods to enable the wide use of novel personalised cancer treatment.

The project consortium comprises a multi-national team of leading experts from eight European partnering institutions, which include biotech and research centres in Germany, Italy, UK (and Wales) and France.


Equipped with a total budget of €6M, CARAT aims to integrate innovative cell manufacturing tools and enabling technologies into a new, comprehensive platform that will facilitate the safe, automated, and cost-efficient manufacture of highly effective so-called CAR T-cells.

Andrew Kaiser, scientific coordinator of the CARAT consortium at Miltenyi Biotec, explained that the goal of the program is to get CAR-T manufacturing process and research tools working together in order to overcome barriers to development through collaboration.

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