The First Biosimilar reached the US market… and it’s from Novartis

08/09/2015 - 2 minutes

Biosimilar or copies of biological drugs are arriving on the market. After Europe, US gets its first Biosimilar too. The drug is produced by Novartis generic subsidiary, Sandoz and it will compete with Amgen‘s blockbuster drug Neupogen.

When a drug generates $1.2Bn of annual revenues and its patent has expired, which company on earth wouldn’t be willing to copy it?

Novartis, the global leader in biosimilars, is first. Its product was approved in March 2015 by the FDA and is now on the market with a 15% discount (actually not so much compared to reductions seen on small molecule generics).

Of course, Amgen didn’t want to let a competitor enter its field of (very) green grass. Its lawyer has been very active to delay access to the market but it only helped by saving 4 months.

And this is only the first of Novartis’ biosimilars to reach the US market. The Swiss giant has also a biosimilar version of Humira from AbbVie (2nd biggest blockbuster worldwide) and one of Enbrel,

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