The Institut Pasteur and IntegraGen, allies to Strengthen High-Throughput Sequencing in Microbiology

25/03/2015 - 2 minutes

IntegraGen and the Institut Pasteur signed an agreement for high-throughput sequencing in the field of Microbiology. IntegraGen will be responsible for the technical and operational implementation of high-throughput sequencing activities for use by the microbiology experts at the National Reference Center (NRC) at the Institut Pasteur. High-throughput sequencing will be the reference tool for analysis, surveillance and diagnostic activities associated with the above in line with the public health mission of the Institut.

The Institut Pasteur will rely on the expertise and experience of IntegraGen to help ensure optimal quality of results returned via high-throughput sequencing. IntegraGen will also help reduce delays in obtaining sequencing results and increase the flexibility of the business while optimizing the operational costs of reagents. Additionally, IntegraGen will develop management software tailored to the internal needs of the Institut Pasteur.

The primary objective of the partnership between the Institut Pasteur and IntegraGen is to increase access to the latest generation of sequencing technologies for the fifteen NRCs and the Institute’s microbiology collection with the additional goal of establishing reference tools for the typing of bacterial,

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