The Review of Reviews – the Best Ones of 2015!

28/12/2015 - 3 minutes

As you all are aware of this year, we have published a lot of brilliant reviews on some of the hottest topics in the Biotech Industry! This article highlights our favourite ones for 2015! Click the titles to read more…


 Review: The CRISPR’s Therapeutical revolution

CRISPR has an enormous potential in therapeutic development and many Biotech and Big Pharma companies are already researching into the area. This review explains what CRISPR actually is, the mechanisms behind it and how it could be utilized for therapeutics.

What will Happen now the Microbiome Hype has Broken into the Immuno-Oncology Field?

The microbial cells inhabiting our body make up what is called the “microbiome” and this field is very new in Biotech. Recently, evidence has been presented that suggests immunotherapy is reliant on this gut microflora. This review goes into depth on what microbiome companies are doing in the immuno-oncology area.


CC BrightMags

The Ultimate Review on how Biotech Changed Cancer Treatment

The Biotech Industry has and will continue to play a major role in the treatment of cancers.

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