The World’s First €100M Microbiome-focused Venture Fund opened in France

19/03/2015 - 3 minutes

Microbiomics is one of the next big trends in the Biotech industry. Using bacteria present in our guts to cure people has shown more and more potential. The VC industry is now interested in this field. Seventure Partners, the second largest Biotech Venture capital company and the world’s first €100M fund focused on Microbiome is now opening in France.

All the bacteria living in our body define our microbiome, and are in fact 10 times more numerous than our own cells. This vital structure has recently been discovered and we are just starting to understand its function. Not only could it play a major role in digestion, but also in our immune system. This field is now moving from the bench to the industry and market. Claudio Frazao, blogger for, wrote an excellent review on this subject: The microbiome industry, when the potential turns into groundbreaking applications. Three other big news on the topic were published within the last two months, which underlines the growing interest in this field: Nestlé did an important investment in Boston-based Seres Health,

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