This Israel-based Biotech startup is currently raising €17M to enable Precision Medicine

20/05/2016 - 3 minutes

InnVentis is aiming big in the field of precision medicine. With novel molecular diagnostics and big data, it wants to tackle complicated conditions like Rheumatoid Arthiritis.

innventis_precision_medicine_inflammation_omicsJust starting out, InnVentis is an Israeli Biotech founded by Thomas Wilckens, a German expert in precision medicine originally from Munich. He and his team decided to move to Israel for financial reasons (easier to raise Money) and because of the wish of Israel to be a leader in Precision Medicine in the near future.

InnVentis is also seeking talent re AI/machine learning which is uniquely available in Israel.

The startup was developed with the support of deep innovation, an organization developing a new paradigm for ‘Symbiotic Innovation‘ in R&D.

InnVentis wants to take its proprietary knowledge in machine learning to tackle inflammation – which is behind a series of related autoimmune diseases.

In this strategy, high-throughput analysis and omics are used to get massive amounts of data about multiple patients.

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