This Young CEO is Making Biotech Popular in France

28/01/2016 - 2 minutes

Biotech is often a touchy subject for conversation, which is not always understood by the general public, and even less appreciated…

Xavier Duportet, the 28-year-old French founder of Eligo Bioscience (read Our interview here) was this week on the hugely popular French TV-show Le Petit Journal to talk about Biotech. This program is the most popular such medium for the younger French audience, reaching over 2 million people per day (!).

Duportet started by how he got his passion for science thanks to studying ants in his garden. He then explained the problem of antibiotics and why a solution should be found quickly.

They then moved on to his startup Eligo Bioscience, which still needs at least 2 more years before starting human clinical trials. Nonetheless, they have some exciting new collaborations in the Human Microbiome field.

He tried to explain the challenges of building a Biotech start-up, why he needs to raise money and what could be the outcome.

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