To IPO or not to IPO when you are a Biotech company? #BIO-Europe 2015

03/11/2015 - 4 minutes

This is the second conference I attended at BIO-Europe. This is an interesting topic when you look at the different EU Biotech companies delaying their IPOs. 

The conference gathered four big speakers, among them Olivier Litzka, partner from Edmond de Rothschild (part of our TOP 15 EU VCs), Konrad Glund, the CEO of Berlin-based Probiodrug, Brian Hagerty, a Senior Director from the stock market NYSE and Christian Hodneland, the managing director of William Blair & Company, an advisor helping EU Biotech to go public over the Atlantic.

The line-up sounded very attractive and indeed, it was.

The moderator started with some eloquent numbers:

Whole year of 2014: 17 Biotech IPOs for €860M raised

First semester of 2015: 17 Biotech IPOs for €973M raised

Clearly something is going on regarding EU’s Biotech IPOs.


But when to go public?

All the “stars” have to be aligned. Glund from Probiodrug started.

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