Transgene shares jump 50% in 2 days After Announcing Phase III Trial for Liver Cancer

11/01/2016 - 3 minutes

This multinational Phase III Trial for an Oncolytic Immunotherapy for Advanced Liver Cancer could be what really defines French Transgene as the underdog which finally sprang to fame.

transgene_pecvex_oncolytic_liver_cancer_lee_pharma_logo Transgene, in Strasbourg, was founded in 1979, as France’s oldest Biotech (only 3 years after Genentech was born on the other side of the Atlantic). However, unlike  Genentech, Transgene has had a rockier time as the industry sprung up around them, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy…. that is, until now.

This French biotech (of only about 300 employees) is could be second biotech ever to bring an oncolytic viral therapy to the market. However, they’re not quite there yet, and although Amgen managed to make it first (with T-VEC for melanoma), there is clearly a lot of demand in the market for a liver cancer equivalent.

In Europe, there were estimated to be over 63,000 new cases and over 62,000 deaths from liver cancer (and these figures rise to the 780,000 range worldwide),

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