Why has the Universal CAR-T Treatment For Leukemia Hooked TWO Big Pharmas at Once?

19/11/2015 - 3 minutes

French Servier and Pfizer have already had independent partnerships with Cellectis on various R&D areas. But now the two have signed a joint partnership on Cellectis’s leading product UCART19 for blood cancer.

cellectisThis unusual move only further feeds the rumours of Pfizer’s potential future acquisition of Cellectis. As we’ve discussed before, Cellectis has moved most of its team over to a New York base (just down the road from Pfizer’s HQ…) and the two were rumored to maybe – or maybe not – be about to sign a €1.5Bn deal earlier this year. Indeed, Pfizer already owns around 10% of Cellectis, after signing a €2.6Bn deal…so why not just go all the way?

Similarly, Servier is another of Cellectis’ love interests, whose investment last year saved ‘the French CAR-T Micracle’ from bankruptcy following the CRISPR out-competition of Cellectis’ own gene-editing platform in the field, TALEN. Indeed, without Servier’s help, the development of Cellectis to become one of Europe’s Top 9 Billion-Euro Biotech company simply wouldn’t have been possible –

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