UK Biopharma joins Allergy race with good Phase II results for Hayfever

09/05/2016 - 2 minutes

Allergy Therapeutics has gotten positive results for its phase II trial for birch pollen allergy – another win for their Pollinex platform.

allergy_therapeutics_birch_pollinex_quattroBased near Brighton (UK), Allergy Therapeutics has around 420 employees and has a market cap of €1.96M (£1.53M).

Its focus is novel immunotherapies, with new technology for improving delivery and adjuvants – agents that modulate the immune response to the main components of the vaccine.

Now, Allergy Therapeutics has released positive topline results from its Phase II trial (PQBirch204) to study its candidate in patients with allergic rhinitis caused by birch pollen – which affects up to 30% of the population worldwide.

The study met its primary endpoint, which was establishing a dose for the next phase III trial. The therapy has also shown a good safety profile.

The therapy is a ultra-short therapy (a type of therapy also targeted by Swiss Anergis – which is also in Phase II). It was developed with Pollinex Quattro,

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