Vaccines against Parasites, on the Horizon with XstalBio

22/04/2015 - 2 minutes

XstalBio has commenced work on an €9.3M EU Funded Horizon 2020 project to develop vaccines that protect cattle, sheep and poultry, against infection by parasites. The 4 year “PARAGONE” collaboration involves 17 partners from Europe, Uruguay and China and will aim to move several candidate vaccines from the laboratory into practical field trials.

XstalBio, as the formulation and delivery partner will utilise its proprietary technology to bind antigens and immunostimulants together into vaccine microparticles that function as “inorganic pathogens”, with the aim of improving delivery and obtaining better, more targeted, protection against parasite infections. The vaccine microparticle technology that underpins this project is covered by the recently issued US Patent “Slow Release Compositions”. XstalBio microparticle formulations are thermally stable so any vaccines produced will be suitable for use in developing countries where retention of the cold-chain is challenging.

XstalBio CEO, Dr. Marie Claire Parker commented: “We are very pleased that XstalBio was chosen as the vaccine formulation partner in this world-leading consortium and look forward to our microparticle delivery technology making an important contribution to the success of the project.

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