Versantis, using liposomes technology to detoxify the body

07/05/2015 - 5 minutes

What happens when your liver stops working? The toxins your body continuously produces will no longer be eliminated, transforming your own body in a remarkable poison factory.  This problem, in reality, is quite common. Liver diseases affect more than 30 million Europeans, and kill more people than both diabetes and road accidents combined! Versantis, a Swiss based biotech startup, is developing an innovative way of treating this global issue with liposomes.

Our body continuously produces large amounts of toxins, resulting from the digestion of proteins coming from our alimentation. The most common of these toxins is ammonia, which can be extremely neurotoxic. In patients with liver failure, the natural elimination of ammonia is defective and it therefore, accumulates in the body. This is what we call a hyperammonemia, which can lead to brain damage, comas, and ultimately, death (the figure bellow explains it).

The cornerstone of a successful therapy to avoid a dramatic outcome is the emergency reduction of the serum ammonia level. Along with a strict dietary control and few supportive measures,

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