Virtual Reality: What is the future of Biotechnology Teaching and Training?

26/01/2016 - 4 minutes

We often cover cutting-edge advances in biotechnology, but less frequently see significant development in biotechnology education…so how about these Virtual Reality Labs in Denmark?

A Danish start-up called Labster aims to disrupt the way we teach students about lab work in the hope of ‘empowering the next generation of scientists to save the world’. We caught up with the Founder and CEO of Labster, Mads Bonde, about how this Edu-tech got started and on his goals for the virtual platform.

Mads has a PhD in Biotechnology and has been teaching at universities and high schools. He is intensely passionate about education, and has become convinced that technology can improve the core science skills and lab experiences schools could give their students.

This was the basis for the invention of Labster’s laboratory simulation platform in 2011.

How exactly did the idea for Labster start?

Our main motivation stems from seeing students excited about science education and helping them to learn faster.

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