We met Antoine Hubert, CEO of Ynsect and awarded Innovator Under 35 by the MIT

28/07/2015 - 7 minutes

Each year since 1999, MIT Technology Review, the journal from the top-rank US University, discovers new generations of Innovators Under 35. The awarded young leaders are developing new technologies to solve the major global challenges of today in remarkably different ways and impacting the lives of millions of people around the globe.

We had the chance to meet Antoine Hubert, CEO of the French biotech company Ynsect, who told us more about this award and his work.

We already presented your company Ynsect in a previous article. Roughly for our readers, Ynsect is taking up the challenge of producing large-scale quantity of insect-based products. You’re using food byproducts to feed your insects and transform it in manufactured products like fish-feed flour. How did you come up with this idea?

I studied agronomy engineering at AgroparisTech, a famous French engineering school. During my studies, one of my projects was to assess the dynamics of insect population threatened by human activities. That was my first contact with the Insect’s world!

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