What happened this week? Biotech revolutionizes Coffee, Paris N°1 Biocluster, a DNA-made Computer…

22/08/2015 - 2 minutes

Welcome in our Top of the week list! This week is full of uncommon stories. Did you know that we can create the best coffee from Biotech techniques? The New York-based startup Afineur can do this!

Even more crazy, what do you think of a DNA-made computer? Quite strange, right! Well, if you’re curious, read our week’s highlights and find out more 😉

What if the Best Coffee could be obtained thanks to Biotechnologies?


French bioengineers Camille Delebecque and Sophie Deterre founded the food Start-up Afineur in New York to revolutionize coffee.


Paris is Europe’s biggest Biocluster, but nobody knows it …

Paris is well-known for being the most beautiful city in the world. But did you also know that it concentrates most of the French Biotech industry and is Europe’s biggest biocluster?


DNA to play an essential role in the future of Computers?

You can do terrific things with DNA – convicting a murderer,

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