What’s the deal with Lactose free yogurt in Denmark?

20/04/2016 - 3 minutes

Novozymes, the European leader for Industrial Biotech, has had a good start to 2016. It has now launched some new ideas, including for lactose-free food products. 

novozymes_saphera_lactase_financial_2016q1Novozymes is a giant in the production of enzymes, an important player in the ‘traditional Biotech’ biocatalysis revolution and a cornerstone in the Danish Biotech scene.

The company has now released its financial results for the first three months of 2016: Organic sales increased by 2% and net profit by 5%. Not bad.

This growth was mostly led by the household care (detergents etc.) sector, as well as for ‘technical & pharma’, the sales of which increased by 37%. Novozymes has also generally invested over €18M (139M DKK) – although this is a bit down from 2015.

Novozymes’ latest projects include the development of veterinary probiotics, a partnership with famous agriculture company Monsanto to discover farming-friendly microbes and a Biopharma spin-off to produce recombinant albumin.

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